Fancy something different? Why not give cyclocross a go this Winter?

Looking for something exciting to do this Winter? Cyclocross provides a high intensity work out, to keep you motivated in a fun packed atmosphere. The Cyclocross season is about to start, with races up and down the country. Details can be found on the British Cycling Cyclocross page. If you like short sharp racing where you can turn up, race round and be back on the settee for tea time, this could be for you!

It’s a discipline full of contrasts and that’s why I love it. I start racing in September with my sunglasses,on dry and fast terrain but finish in January/February with as many clothes on as possible, up to my knees in mud. Courses can be a mixture of terrain, ranging from grass, woodland, road and gravel tracks,each requiring a different style of riding. Off camber, banks and steps all add to the fun and provide a different skill, perfected by the serious cross rider. I am no power house but the different elements of cross enable me to make gains in different areas, so it almost becomes a case of ‘horses for courses’. Clearly if you want to be a good cross rider you need technique, speed and strength. Don’t let that put you off! Cross is full of fun loving weekend warriors, who are up for something different. Let’s face it you’ve got to have a sense of humour to hack round a muddy field in the depths of Winter only glad in lycra.

No you don’t need a cross bike to race at local or regional level, a mountain bike will do. That’s how we all start and as for the kids, well there’re usually races for even the smallest. A truly inclusive sport which caters for all, have a go!  It’s very addictive and when you complete that race knee deep in mud, you’ve scaled that muddy bank which felt like the Eiger, you’re going to feel so proud of yourself. Arrrrrh that warm glow when you’ve done something really worthwhile. See you there!

If you’re still in two minds maybe this little trailer will change your mind. It makes the hairs stand up on the back of my neck, but then I love cyclocross!

2 thoughts on “Fancy something different? Why not give cyclocross a go this Winter?

  1. Hi Julie, this is something I’m keen to have a go at having done cross country running and loved it. I bought a cross bike in the sales earlier in the year, pedals etc but as you say now have all the kit and not a clue. Had hoped to do a novice have s go event this month but it was cancelled. I’m not a young person by age but keen to have a go.

    • You are talking to ‘not a young person by age’ lol! I am 54. Anyone who loves a bit of mud usually adapts to cx really well. It’s full of fell runners. It requires the same tenacity when the going gets tough,especially from November onwards when we will be up to our knees in mud. Being able to run is very useful. I do a few fell/ cross country races myself. Unlike running it doesn’t have the same risk of injury so is a perfect activity to support your run training. Rob Jebb is a fantastic cross rider. There’s loads of cross over! Have a go you’ll love it. It’s just playing. If you need anymore advice just ask. Cheers. Julie

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