Ronde Van Calderdale

The Ronde van Calderdale! Well where to start??

This must be an easier climb because I am sitting down!

This must be an easier climb because I am sitting down! Picture by Nicole Jolly-Vanderheyden

I am writing this on Tuesday having ridden it on Sunday and I still feel pretty wrecked. My back is stiff, the stairs were kinda interesting yesterday and on Sunday night I ate everything! That sounds a bit negative but I can assure you if you like a challenge, this is for you! If it’s easy is it worth doing? Have you achieved anything? In my books no, not really!

Here we go!

Here we go! Picture by Nicole Jolly-Vanderheyden

As I look over the photos posted on the Ronde van Calderdale’s Face Book page I can’t help but smile. Videos clips of people walking, being cheered on by their mates or trying the impossible task of clipping back in, on a 20% cobbled incline are making me laugh. I truly believe that’s why people go back consecutive times. Even I am sitting here thinking, I might just have another go. It’s a bit like the Three Peaks! The attrition and struggles are remembered all through rose tinted spectacles.

A really nice touch. The locals had provided a welcome rest for the weary.

A really nice touch. The locals had provided a welcome rest for the weary.

So that’s it, I guess I will be doing it again because like all the other ‘sorry’ souls on Sunday, I love a personal challenge. This very special sportive tests your stamina, determination and sheer will power. I am already thinking how I could conquer the two cobbled climbs I never quite managed to ride up. There’s always one more thing to work on eh?

So why was it so hard? Because it’s 75 miles long, with 13 cobbles climbs some of which are 20%. All in all it has 10,000ft of climbing. I have ridden up all the climbs on the Tour of Flanders, but many of these are longer. That’s what makes them so hard. I don’t know about you, but I can only maul out of the saddle for 50/60 metres, at best! There lies the future challenge for me!

The reward. A bottle of Ronde Van Calderdale.

The reward. A bottle of Ronde Van Calderdale.

Recognising that riders will be out for a considerable┬átime, for it’s relative distance, it’s had three well stocked feed stations. Due to the severity of the whole thing, running on empty isn’t an option. Mechanical support out on the course was provided along with the usual sad waggon etc. The route was well sign posted and the locals armed, with cowbells and words of encouragement.

Back at base, all finishers were awarded with a welcomed bottle of Ronde Van Calderdale beer, a rather fetching pair of RVC socks and some more nibbles and chocolate. The flap jack went down a treat, but being congratulated by the organisers is the thing that will stick in my mind. They really meant it because yes, we had all risen to the challenge of completing an extremely tough ride, requiring something a bit more, than just sitting in the saddle for hours. I would like to thank the organisers for a fantastic event. All money raised goes to supporting young riders in the Kirklees Academy, a worthy cause.

For more pictures and information do have a look at the Face Book Page

Ronde Van Calderdale

Find below a link to a great write up about the event in the local paper


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