Cyclocross Tubeless Wheels and Tyres.

We have full inflation!

We have full inflation!

I dedicate this article to those in search of full inflation who despise mopping up pools of liquid latex. At times my bike shed has looked like a scene out of Ghost Busters, with pools of ectoplasm everywhere!

The search for a tubeless set up for my cross bikes has been both long and painful. I like the idea of not having to think about pinch punctures whilst riding my local gnarly trails and for events like the Three Peaks Cyclocross Race. However the worry of whether they would stay inflated just became all too stressful.

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Those close to me, know the trials and tribulations of Phelan’s tubeless conversion kits. I had tyres which stayed inflated for a year, then others barely making a week. Another tyre decided to dump it’s contents in the back of the car. I have enough stress in my life and I certainly don’t need worries with my hobby.

My last Three Peaks made me realise that for the sake of reliability I just had to dip my hand in my pocket, flash the cash and sort it. There’s no point travelling to an event only to find the night before, your bike sitting in a pool of  latex. Yep one back tyre did that at 9:45 p.m in the B and B and another on my spare bike did the same when I reached Helwith Bridge. I only had a few miles to go which kinda made me laugh. I’m getting older and my bikes are all deflating! Is somebody trying to tell me something? Well I’m not sure about that, but Phelan has had enough.

IMG_2022Now I am not really a bike geek. If somebody I respect tells me something works, that’s usually good enough for me. All I did know was that some tubeless tyres don’t seem to seal well with certain tubeless rims. So off I trotted to The Bike Factory in Whaley Bridge, to ask their advice.

I am now the proud owner of some lovely wheels built on Stans No Tubes ZTR Alpha 4000 rims with Hope Pro 4 Hubs in a rather yummy go faster red. As for tyres I opted for Racing Ralph Evo CX s. Well that was about four weeks ago and I am still fully inflated.

IMG_2024So the moral of the story is, if someone says this has worked well in the past, it probably does. We can read articles until we are blue in the face but experience is everything. ‘Well it is for me anyway’ as she pedalled off into the distance 🙂

Big thanks to Fred Salmon and the team at The Bike Factory!

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