Tabata Intervals

How the hell can 20 secs x 8 of work time produce improvement in V02 Max? That was certainly my first reaction when I heard about Tabata Intervals. Tried and tested by friends, I thought I’d give them a go, especially when I thought about my own personal needs in a race. Competing in cross country races, I need to re accelerate out of the corners and technical sections; chase other riders plus have a good turn of speed at the start. It makes sense for me especially as speed was on my ‘wanted list’ .
They can be completed on a turbo or on the road. Personally I favour the turbo, because for them to be successful, you must work absolutely flat out. In fact I put 8 pegs on the side, moving one for each interval, because my brain becomes that fuddled I can’t think straight!
Do I think they are working? Well I think they are for me and have the added bonus of taking little time. Naturally I warm up well and have a good cool down. I don’t claim to be a sport scientist but have a look and make your own judgement.

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