So What Are Your Goals For 2014?

imageAs I find myself with only 3 cyclocross races left this season, there’s a bit of unease! What now Phelan? I love planning and having things mapped. Is there anything wrong with that? Well I think not, because goals keep you motivated. So here are mine.

Competitive goals:
Full season of cross, achieving my personal best at this stage
Good ride at the National Marathon Champs
A ride I am pleased with in the 3 Peaks Cyclocross race

Non Competitive:
Ride the Ronde van Vlaanderen
Mary Townley Loop
Cheshire Cat Sportive, riding up Mow Cop
Run along the Kinder Plateau
Have fun riding with friends in the Peaks

Well that’s a start for me. Anything else will be a bonus. If the competitions all go ‘pear shaped’ which sadly sometimes they do, targets based on personal non competitive goals will carry me through.

So what’s on your agenda?

One thought on “So What Are Your Goals For 2014?

  1. Well Julie, my goals are to plan my training out a lot better and hopefully that in turn will help my racing results.

    But I’m going to do a full cyclo cross season, also few road races over the summer and some sportives. Hopefully getting improvements in my results.

    But most of all to cycle as much as I can!!
    Good luck with your year!!


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