Keeping the wheels turning

Good times!

Good times!

Trundled up to the North West cx race in Rossendale this weekend. Always enjoy their courses and it would be a good opportunity to meet up with some new ‘Here Come the Belgians’. The course was already awash, so I knew it would possibly be a challenge, but heh this is cross racing!

Probably ran most of the course. When I say ‘ran’ I do mean ‘ran’ in the widest sense of the word ranging from a plod, to having my feet at ‘ten to two’ to get an edge. Not quite what I planned, whilst thrashing away on the turbo to improve my acceleration out of the bends. May be that was my mistake! A cross course can involve a fast hack with your shades on, or a total mud bath .

In retrospect it was a good learning experience and I realise I still don’t have the full set of armour! More importantly the course may be nothing like you predicted and the game plan will have to change. It may not be what you like, but it’s what’s required, if you want to play the game. So get your head round it!

Remember you paid for it, so you may as well enjoy it! See you at Beacon Park in the New Year.

Thanks to Bob Mc Minn for the use of a rather nice photograph.

One thought on “Keeping the wheels turning

  1. You hit the nail on the head – cross requires a large, diverse set of skills if you want to race all year round. And if one course doesn’t play to your strengths, then you know what you need to work on next 🙂 Respect for adapting and getting stuck in – many didn’t that day.

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