Galloping- Or Trotting Into 2019

January 12th My first 10 miles. Gale force wind and rain but it felt soooo good.

With only a month left until my non- running target, the Grindleford Gallop I thought I’d give you a bit of a progress report, using my FaceBook posts because they are usually from the heart.  I am only doing this because I read about a friend of mine, who set some crazy targets for herself, because she was turning 60! Reading about how she rose to the challenge and dealt with all the ‘highs and lows’, inspired me. So here I am back from a run, muddy shoes drying in the kitchen and the smug look of superiority on my face.

Got the outfit just not sure about the legs!

At risk of putting you off from trying new things, I have to say, it’s not easy turning a cross rider into a running whippet! Being rather philosophical about it, I should say ‘new challenges are never easy’. A plethora of coughs and colds has made progress difficult at times and I have questioned my sanity. I guess you should never get too analytical when you feel a bit low because today I feel I am getting back on top and it’s a case of game on….yeah! My first speedy running, post Mickleden Straddle. Hallelujah and I thought It would never happen! So if you asked me today,’should I try something new?’ The answered would be a resounding, yes! We can’t die having repeatedly done the same old things, can we? Apart from that, a good friend of mine has promised to bake a cake for the finish line!

January 8th
Thank you to all those gorgeous people who sent Happy Birthday wishes yesterday. What a lovely bunch you are !

So much to do and so little time!

With that in mind I have set myself some different challenges this year- 21 mile Fell race , duathlon, long cx race and those are just the start . Guess I’ve taken a leaf out of your book Jean Ashley! You reminded me that life is about experience so thank you for that .
The older I get the more determined I become 🙂 onwards and upwards…. xxx

January 12th
A big birthday this week required a bit of a milestone this week on the ‘ Phelan trying to be a Fell runner’ front! My first 10 miles in quality terrain, with an added bit of spice- a gale force wind. Absolutely loved it. Feeling empowered.

February 3rd
Thought I’d get closer to my target today if I did the Mickleden Straddle 14.3 Fell race today. My longest run, completed in the snow, with a bit of ice thrown in to add to the excitement.All I can say is ‘fell runners are super human !’ Even this bottle of beer, given at the finish, won’t make me feel any better. Well and truly shredded

Before the start of the Mickleden Straddle fell race. 14.3 delicious miles completed on hard packed snow and ice!

Recovery drink?

February 9th
Well it’s been a week since I did my first 14:3 miles in snow and ice, curtesy of the Mickleden Straddle. Racing whilst getting trying to get over a cold was never going to be easy. I remember thinking during the first 100 metres, how hard it all felt . Funny really, because if it had been a bike race I would have never taken part. I guess that’s because I know what it is to be feeling like you’re going well. Instead I felt like a bag of spanners! Well one week on, I’m hoping to pop out the other side. Can’t wait to feel normal. With only 4 weeks to go, I need a bit more hard graft to boost my confidence. This is a tough challenge but may be that’s what makes it worth doing. You can remind me of this when I’m at 18 miles! Who’s idea was this ???
10th February 
First fast pace run for over a week. Normal service is resumed and I can almost see myself achieving this enormous target, thanks to encouragement from friends and my long suffering partner. This particular quote from a friend resonates with me so much-
Re: Completing the additional 6 miles (only raced 14, so far)
‘My kids relate all running distances to parkrun, you ran 14.3 last week, so it’s only another two park runs after that, and one park run is easy, so another park run after is also easy. One Mickleden Straddle plus two park runs (easy) and you’ve finished.’

The thing is, this is how my mind works. Guess that’s why I am a primary school teacher lol! What am I messing about at?

16th February
From trotting to galloping (The idiots’ guide to getting a cross rider round a 21 mile fell race) Grindleford Gallop here I come! A little video from the heart!

18th February
Sat here with a bag of frozen peas on my ankle! Physio appointment on Wednesday! No……….!