It’s the end of the cyclocross season so what’s next?

By mid January I started to crave the end of the cyclocross season. ‘I’m sick to death of bike cleaning, soaking mud caked clothing and generally sorting out mess,’ I recall thinking. After a few weeks of active rest i.e do what you fancy, I now find myself at a bit of a loose end. In fact,if I found a cross race this weekend,I’d probably be beside myself with excitement. Clearly I am recalling that bucket of soaking muddy clothes,through rose tinted glasses. ‘So what’s next?’I ask myself. Well I know I always find fell running a welcome relief. In fact I done a fair bit of off road running recently. For me it’s food for the soul. An eclectic mix of challenging uphills; sliding about in the mud; being at one with nature with a personal challenge thrown in for good measure. Even if I have a number on my back,I have no competitive thoughts,just the purity of doing my personal best with no expectation. It’s that simple.

Now it’s time to return to some cycling structured training and I can see that I’ll need some highlights. I’m thinking about some competitive goals on the way but ‘oh what to choose?’ Should it be a few MTB races, MTB marathons, road races or may be even the track? Which of these gets a high’fun factor’ rating and yet steers me towards my long term goal,improving my cross performance?

I have no doubt many cyclocrossers go through the same thought process? So I have had a ‘surf’ on our behalf.I’ve found this short article,linked below, which hopefully you’ll find useful. May be the question we have to ask ourselves is,”what do I need to improve?’ Then we can make an informed choice. Enjoy!

Summer options for cross racers