Faster After 50 by Joe Friel

Book ImageIt’s taken a long time to admit that my body has changed since my best performances, in my early thirties. Despite training as hard as I did in a previous life, the gains have been harder to achieve and recovery has taken longer. Coupled with the double’ whammy’ of increasing weight gain, it’s not been an easy time…. and just to make it even harder, the older you get the shorter the races become! Initially I found this all a bit daunting. I weigh more, I’ve lost power and yet the racing is more speed orientated. Well I guess I could have a right old grumble about that for days, but instead I have decided to do a bit of research in my quest to join the ranks of the top veteran woman in next season’s National Trophy Cyclocross races.

I have always steered clear of books for the ‘ageing athlete’ feeling you can do anything if you put your mind to it. However this is clearly not always the case! After extensive trawling book shelves, looking for the answer to the elusive question, ‘How to be older and still pull off a performance you’re proud of’, I found this little gem written by Joe Friel.

Joe Friel Is one of America’s leading endurance coaches and some years ago produced a fantastic book called the Cyclist’s Training Bible. He has coached both amateur and professional athletes and bases his work on the most current research on ageing and sports performance.

In a nutshell the book covers how to plan training and recovery using periodization, sessions to rebuild muscle mass and power, training at different intensities as well as nutrition for high performance and reducing body fat. The philosophy behind many of his ideas, is not dissimilar to Carmichael’s, ‘The Time Crunched Cyclist’ but with more of a slant towards us older athletes.

I have to say it really has made me think and refocus. Quotes by living legend, Ned Overend, who is 60 this year, but still kicking ass, are inspirational. He reiterates the point emphasised by Friel, that as we age high intensity and recovery is the key to going faster.

If like me, you feel you are not moving forward, it could be time for a complete rethink. Maybe I should of have kept this book a secret because it’s my only ammo! Oh well, knowledge is to be shared and a healthy level of competition is good for the soul.