So what should you choose? Discs or cantilever brakes for cyclocross?


A much debated question to which the answer may be dependent on what you can buy. The ‘die hard ‘ cyclocross riders, looking to the continent for their lead, still can’t see a place for them in traditional cross races, but what about us weekend warriors? I know I am not the first person to suggest this. Sure they add weight, but do the disadvantages out weigh the benefits? I still wasn’t really sure about this myself until this weekend.


This Sunday I nipped over to the Yorkshire Cyclocross League race near Sheffield to ride a challenging course in the mud. It had all the usual features plus some interesting downhill grass sections with turns at the bottom. Looking at the mess of other people’s bikes, I thought I’d ride the ‘disc bike’. Did I have leaves stuffed under the brake straddle wires? No ! Did I have to drag the brakes down the slope in order to take the speed off? No! I ripped down and slammed them on and off at the bottom. For me ‘it’s a ‘no brainier’ ! I can stop at the last minute with my hands on the hoods and in difficult conditions, only used one bike. May be its a good option if you haven’t got a spare bike in the pit. Might just get you round with a bit more.

I have included a link to an article published in Velonews. See what you think. May be its a case of ‘horses for courses’?

Notts and Derbys’ Cyclocross League, Allestree Park

image What a fantastic league this is turning into! At least 36 women put their front wheel on the start line. A mixture of abilities means there’s something for everyone and you can have your own race within a race.  Entries are taken on the day or you can pre enter if you are a British Cycling member.  It’s short, it’s sharp and you can be home for tea time! Why not give it a go in a non threatening, fun environment. You never know, it might just be the thing you’re looking for !

Notts and Derbys’ Cyclocross League