The Fred Whitton Four Season Challenge Ride

I love a personal challenge so I’m off to ride the Fred Whitton Four Seasons Challenge with some crazy gals from Women’s Cycling Sheffield ( WCS) . We will be taking in 112 miles of the best ups and downs in the Lake District. Hope I don’t get too philosophical at 60 miles!

It will be 1 more thing ticked off on my bucket list. No time to loose Phelan because life is so short! Check out this link, it may just be the thing you are looking for.

Girl Power

We put our wheels on the start line, our numbers grew. We grouped together and then asked for our own category at the National Championships. Well done ladies, we got it and rightly so. What does this show apart from a growing interest in cross racing? Well social networking is a powerful tool and those that don’t ask don’t get. Well done to all those who petitioned and sent links for support. Girl power in action!